5 great Oscar films to see on Disney Plus in France in March 2021

5 great Oscar films to see on Disney Plus in France in March 2021

The big-eared streaming platform conceals some nuggets of the 7th art within its vast catalog.

BLACK PANTHER ( 2018) – considering that February 19

Worn by the late Chadwick Boseman, lately crowned Golden Globe victor, it is the only Marvel movie to ever be nominated for an Oscar for Finest Image. It states a great deal concerning this clever blockbuster routed by Ryan Coogler and completely in tune with the times.

DARKNESS FIGURES ( 2017) – since January 8

Three Oscar elections for this excellent historical drama portraying 3 fantastic black scientists, computing at NASA, that greatly added to sending out John Glenn right into space in 1962, for the magnificence of a segregationist America. Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, as well as Janelle Monae, burst the display.

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COCO ( 2017) – since January 15

Absolutely the best Pixar of recent years, Coco is a vibrant as well as the musical story of breathtaking verse, which presents us to Mexican society, around the renowned Day of the Dead. Miguel’s overwhelming trip into the next world is to be seen and re-examined, as a household.

THE FORM OF WATER ( 2018) – from March 26

Guillermo del Toro’s many acclaimed movies, which attracts its inspiration from anywhere as well as especially from Jeunet. A fairytale for grownups, in the form of a declaration of love for the cinema and a political myth. And also the Oscar for Best Movie!

ARIZONA JUNIOR – from March 26

Not the most famous of the Coen bros’ films, yet this 2nd attribute film by the duo (directed below by Joel) is pure insanity to find. Screened in Cannes out of competition at the time, it includes Nicolas Cage and also Holly Hunter in a crazy race, after they abducted an extremely young toddler. The birth of the Coen bros’ style.

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